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Candida is the silent killer that robs you of your life-force, controls how you feel, and even how you think, this website will not only help you understand Candida and its relation to cancer, it will introduce you to a little known method to rid yourself of this infection... read on...
Finally a Simple, Safe Method That Kills
Candida Quickly and Easily - Without
Weird Diets or Expensive Treatments
FACT: Cancer is a Fungus, It Can Be Prevented... Learn How To
Destroy the Fungus Now; Eliminate Candida In As Little as 14 Days,
Get Your Energy and Your Life Back, With This Little Known Method...
From: Clare Davidson
Dear friend,
Over the next few minutes, I'm going to show you a breakthrough little-known method I stumbled upon years ago to eliminate Candida from your body.
...and If you read this short letter entirely you're going to know how you can protect yourself and your family from the unnecessary suffering and trauma of someone going through the ordeal of cancer.
...You hear the word "Candida" thrown around a lot around natural health circles these days, but few people know exactly what it is, how it works, and how amazing you feel when you rid yourself of it.
You'll be shocked at how many aches and pains you regularly suffer from will disappear when you cleanse yourself of Candida, ...as their true cause was Candida!
A full blown Candida infection could be robbing you of your life, as it can effect how you feel, and even how you think...
My name is Clare Davidson, I originally come from Northern Scotland, several years ago both my mother and I went through the terrifying ordeal of breast cancer, which led me to discovering what I'm about to share with you: the Candida-cancer connection, and a bullet-proof method that eliminates Candida in as little as 14 days, without weird strict diets or expensive treatments...

So, what exactly is Candida? And
Why is it so hard to get rid of?
Candida Albicans is a fungal yeast.
It is present naturally in the human gut; everyone has Candida albicans living within them to some extent.
Our gut is also full of natural bacteria that feed on the yeast and keep levels to a low number to stop it from becoming a problem.
The yeast becomes problematic when it grows beyond normal levels and spreads throughout the gastrointestinal tract, into the bloodstream and from there throughout the body.

Once it's loose in your blood-stream, the yeast then does something remarkable and changes into fungus...

Once The Yeast Escapes Your Gut,
Like 'Alien', It's Loose in the 'mothership'
This fungus now settles itself into your tissue and a fungal colony quickly spreads.
The fungus wrecks havoc on your body, and excretes(poops) over300 different mycotoxins into your blood stream as a result of it's own digestive processes.
The fungus is protected as it has now left your gut and does not have the challenge of your gut bacteria trying to eat it.
Normally, before this gets out of hand, your immune system would identify and fight off this 'alien' intruder without a sweat.
Sadly, more and more people suffer from low immune systems due to stress, bad diet, or general ill health.
This means the immune system is not as strong as it needs to be to fight the Candida fungus.
However, that's not the real problem with Candida The real problem is the 'armour' of the fungus...

Once Candida Yeast escapes your gut, it's loose in your blood-stream, it seems like it has a mind of it's own, like alien, it's loose in the mothership. It begins to form Candida Fungus, which is protected by a powerful armor called a "chitin layer" similar to insects with exo-skeletons.

The Fungus Is Protected by an Armour-Like Cellular Membrane, Impossible for Your Immune System to Penetrate

The Candida fungus is protected from your immune system's attack by its cellular membrane.
It's called: Chitin, or Chitin layer.
Imagine the fungus is wearing a suit of armour that your immune system cannot punch through if it's weak.
This is why Candida is so hard to get rid of!
There's plenty of expensive Candida treatments and even strict Candida diets that claim to get rid of Candida
...however all they do is simply put the fungal growth in control...

Candida fungus under microscope. Candida forms stringy mycelium like connections... it almost looks like it has it's own nervous system,
The fungus can stay dormant in your body for years, and the moment you slip up with your diet even just for a single day, or maybe you just have a stressful week and your immune system takes a dip...
...then, the fungus explodes in growth, and your systemic Candida problem continues, and whats more...

Candida Cannot be 'Starved' To
Death by a Special Diet, It Is Designed to Digest Your Body After You Die
Yes, even if your body dies, Candida will remain and thrive in your body.

Even when you stop breathing, stop eating, the Candida will still be alive inside of you and eat you from the inside out, because it's designed to deteriorate the body after Death...

...it's part of the natural process of decay in a dead body.
This is why special Candida diets or alternative treatments simply don't work, they only mask the symptoms, once a Candida fungal infection breaks out and latches it's teeth into your tissue, it's there for good unless the root of the problem is addressed...
If You've Got These Symptoms It's
Likely You've Got Candida:
The reason why it's so hard to diagnose Candida, is because your symptoms will be different depending on where the fungus decides to reside in your body.
Remember, because it's now loose in your blood-stream, the fungus can take up residence in all kinds of places.
Take the brain for example,
Candida is one of the few things that can actually cross the blood-brain barrier

...and when the fungus takes off in the brain and sets up it's mycelium(mushroom) like network in your brain, the most common symptoms are depression, anxiety, and foggy thinking.
...I know when you read the following you may be skeptical and say "oh, but these symptoms can be caused by many different things", and yes you could be right.
A quick search on a medical website or wiki will show these symptoms and more, in fact there are thought to be over 100 different symptoms that can be expressed in someone with Candida
It all depends on where the fungus is located.
The initial stages of a Candida infection will very often involve the gutmouth and urinary tract.
Most common symptoms that indicate a Candida infection are:
  • Thrush
  • Sore throat
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Ear ache

Once The Infection Has Reached Your Bloodstream It Can Travel
All Around The Body To Other Vital Systems: the Brain,
Reproductive System, Nervous System, and More
As the infection becomes more widespread the symptoms become more varied and include:
  • Sugar and alcohol cravings, as well as cravings for
    carbohydrate rich food.
    (bread, pasta, rice, etc.)
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Vaginitius
  • Foggy thinking
  • Itching
  • Acne
  • Hyperactivity
  • Sinus inflammation
  • Irritability
  • Dizziness
  • Low sex drive
  • Ear ache
  • Skin infections such as athlete’s foot
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle weakness

White Candida albicains fungus in the back of the throat and back of the tongue 

Thrush and skin yeast infections are a
common symptom of Candida 

As more studies are done on Candida infection, it is being realized that this yeast is a serious contributor to many illnesses that now include:
  • Alcoholism
  • Asthma
  • Addison’s disease
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • IBS
  • PMS
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Psoriasis

  • Arthritis

Fungal infections between toes and toe-nails
is also a common Candida related symptom.
...in a moment, I'm going to share with you exactly how you can rid yourself of Candida, destroy the fungus, get yourenergy and your life back with the most powerful method for eliminating Candida that has helped thousands of people since I've sharing it online...
...however, I didn't just stumble onto this method by chance, it was after a long and painful journey, and I want to share this story with you so you'll understand exactly how I discovered this, and how it works...

How My Battle With Cancer Lead To
Discovering the Most Powerful
Candida Cleanser

I come from a family with a long line of cancer sufferers, some that have made it through and some that have not and were taken from us long before their time.

This was probably what drew me towards doing a medically related degree.

Early on in my life I wanted to be a doctor and decided to study biology and genetics, I found it fascinating, and at the time it was a fairly new field which made it super exciting to be on the 'cutting-edge.
But then, my life to a turn,

Like anyone young and healthy I didn’t put that much thought to cancer. Isn’t it funny how in our youth we all believe ourselves to be indestructible?

Then the crunch came... 

First, my mother found a lump in her breast. She was devastated, as were we all. Her sister had died from this disease at a young age and we all were facing this journey with fear for the worst.

Luckily my mother survived, after a long journey of medical treatments.

We moved to a different country, to a warmer climate for both recovery of my mother’s health and just plain defiance of the English weather.
The country I found myself in was very progressive in natural health, there were Spas and healing centers everywhere. Being very much into holistic healing and alternative medicine, I became interested in the various treatments that were available for a whole range of illnesses...

A few years later, it was my turn. I discovered a lump in my right breast.

I faced a choice of returning to the UK, or...

...having it removed in a somewhat less advanced second world country hospital....

After much thought and tears I finally chose the latter and went through the operation with no sedation and minimal anesthetic, something I would not recommend to anyone!

I remember the doctor removing the lump and showing it to me during the operation, and seeing it immediately... it was white in color!

I had always imagined cancers to be somewhat of a horror and was expecting to see some kind of rancid black or green monster in front of me....

...and this small white chewing-gum sized lump of flesh looked harmless.

...After this ordeal I was determined to find a way to keep myself as healthy as I could and take all precautions against cancer, it was around this time that I met Jason, a friend who was experimenting with a revolutionary way of treating Candida, as he used to suffer from systemic Candida
...what I learned from Jason about this method, Candida, and how it relates to cancer changed my life forever...

"I did the course and now my IBS is completely gone
and 99% of my allergies are gone."

I constantly was suffering from IBS and food allergies and after basically giving up to the idea of recovery I consulted a health practitioner friend who suggested I try this treatment. I had never even heard of Candida and looking at the symptoms I did see a lot of red flags, I had many of the symptoms. I did the course and now my ibs is completely gone and 99% of my allergies are gone. I still keep to a healthy diet but know I can treat myself to a drink or chocolate now and again without any problems.

Timothy, USA

side note: *IBS= Irritable Bowel Syndrome

"Got my life back and energy levels are off the roof.
Thank you so much for this product. it WORKS."

I tried treelac, fivelac symbion and a bunch of herbs. I went for the pharmaceutical drugs as well.

I did fasting and colonic’s. zappers and Candida diets. I even had a shaman working on me at one point. I was that desperate.

Saw the Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor product and thought to myself its just another scam. ordered it with the words I have nothing to loose. its better than to do nothing.

I got so sick from first round of dosage I thought I had maybe made things worse. all symptoms where magnified but after about 10 days it happened. My brain fog slowly cleared and I had the most insane die off ever. white stuff came out of my rear and my tongue. I had to use tongue scraper every 2 hours. did 2 colemas a day.

Die off went on for a week or so. got my life back and energy levels are off the roof. thank you so much for this product. it WORKS. it really does. my friend took it too but he had no Candida only fungus in between toe nails. cleared after 15 years of not being able to get rid of it. Finally a product that tackles systemic Candida thank you thank you thank you.

Martin, Denmark
The Connection Between
Candida and Cancer

Hundreds of years ago the idea that plague and disease in general could be spread by tiny little micro organisms we could not see was unbelievable.

The suggestion that you could stay healthy by washing and using soap would have you laughed at for hours!
...People laughed at the idea as everyone knew that the only way to protect yourself from the demons that caused diseases would be to buy special protection amulets, potions and even to attach leeches to suck out the evil demons causing the illness...

Ah, how we laugh at these ridiculous ideas now...
However, the fact of the matter is that these ideas were once believed by the mass of the population!
It was only through the work and determination of dedicated scientists such as Alexander Fleming(inventor of penicillin) and Louis Pasteur who ignored the laughter, began searching for the evidence for their theories...

...and finally proved they were correct - the truth was finally accepted and old ideas were dismissed.

In this letter I am going to tell you about a doctor who has made it his life’s work to prove that cancer is a fungus, it's connected to Candida, and cancer can be prevented quite easily.

Yet he was ridiculed when he first suggested it twenty years ago.

Today more and more scientists, doctors and patients are coming forward to stand up and say this man is correct!

Candida Is Found In Nearly All Cancers,
Is It Just a Coincidence?...

The following figures concerning the coexistence of Candida and cancer have been collected by several authors, the following figures show the percentage of tumors that show Candida present in cancer tumors after death.
  - R.L. Hopfer: 79%
  - W. T. Hughes: 91%
  - Kaben: 80%
  - T.E. Kiehn: 97%
These numbers are truly impressive, especially when you think about how difficult it is to see Candida in the organic materials to be examined, the real numbers could be much higher.
Today more and more evidence comes to light from scientists all round the world about the connection between Candida albicans and cancer.
Italian oncologist(a cancer doctor), Tullio Simoncini, has long been an advocate of the fungal hypothesis in regards to cancer.

Dr Simoncini is well aware of the epidemic of Candida in the world that is going untreated. He believes that the fungus is underestimated as so little is understood about it.

His research began when he decided that there was a strange connection with all cancers in that they all behave in the same way despite them occurring in the widest variety of locations in the body.

He then began to search for a common denominator within all these different cancers and believed he had found it when he saw that most cancers appear white in color.

These white masses are fungi.

White, just like Candida albicans!
(in Latin, Candida albicans' literally means 'glowing white')

Dr. Tullio Simoncini, a strong advocate of the fungal theory in relation to cancer.

The presence of these fungi in all tumors is nothing surprising in the medical world.

The official 'party line' answer from most oncologists(cancer doctors) is that Candida is an opportunistic organism that finds root within the existing developing tumors and grows.
However, Dr. Simonicini and others strongly disagree, because when you start looking at how Candida turns into fungus, and what happens after, the picture gets pretty clear.
The first problem is that these yeasts get everywhere in your body. Whilst they might start off in your gut, they soon pass into the blood stream and then they can end up anywhere.

And they make a sugary alcohol substance as a by-product of their very existence, and this sugary alcoholfeeds cancer cells.

Moreover fungi are anaerobes, which means they don't use oxygen to survive.

If they move round your body and colonize an area of your breast or prostate they set up anaerobic conditions. And cancer thrives in situations where oxygen levels are lowered.
We can follow the pattern of development of Candida yeast to fungus to cancer below:
1. First the Candida fungi roots itself in the deep connective tissue (in the various organs.)
2. The fungus then expands, the body responds by attempting to encyst the fungi colonies, with the outcome being the formation of neoplasias, basically a tumor forms around the fungus.
3. Growth both in the surrounding tissue and other areas of the body (metastasis).
4. Progressive exhaustion of the body with consequential total body invasion.
If you're like me, this might sound a foreign language to you at first, in plain English it means that the Candida Funguscreates an environment in the area of your body that it lives in, and causes mutation of cells and cancer tumors to develop.
Could it really be that simple? If it was, then this would mean we were on a verge of a revolution, it would mean that it's possible to prevent you and your loved ones from developing cancer.
These doctors and scientists are now showing us that we can protect ourselves from cancer by simply eliminating the precursor to the illness - known as Candida Albicans
The answer is to kill this fungus and prevent it from invading our bodies in the future.
Why Traditional Candida Control
Methods Like Diets or Antifunguals
Simply Don't Work 
When I learned about Dr. Simoncini's research, I was determined to find an answer to my Candida problem, as I was sure I had Candida, and if I didn't do something, my health could get worse.
It didn't take me long to realize there wasn't a real solution out there, and I was getting a little desperate...
...There's plenty of solutions out there for Candida, however, like I said earlier, they do not deal with the root of the problem because the Candida is covered by an armour-like chitin layer.
The chitin layer is made of the same stuff that the hard exoskeletons of insects like cockroaches are made of!
This makes it impossible for your immune system to attack the fungus.
If you've ever had an insect problem in your home such as cockroaches orants, then you might have an idea of what you're actually up against...
These little suckers with chitin layer exoskeletons are nearly indestructible...
...except that this, is in your body!
You can poison cockroaches or ants, but you can't exactly use the same approach with your body, you would die.

Cockroaches, amongst many insects have a chitin-layer exo-skeleton, just like Candidafungus, which is what makes it so difficult to irradicate.

Take Candida diets' for example...
...So most of the time all these 'solutions' do is put the fungal growth under temporary control, slightly reducing it's effects.
The Candida fungus sits dormant in your body, waiting to flare back up again, and it usually always does eventually!
You can go on a special Candida diet that involves no sugar, alcohol, bread, coffee, tea, pasta and refined foods.
Sound easy right? Definitely not for me.
Many people simply find this is unrealistic for their life-style, you would need an iron will-power, because if you stray from the diet even slightly, your Candida can return at full force, sometimes even stronger than before.
And remember what I said earlier?
Candida remains in your body and digests it even after you die! It's designed to break apart your body after death.
Even when you stop breathing, stop eating and drinking anything, the Candida will survive and eat your body, because it's anaerobic, it doesn't need oxygen to survive, it creates its own self sustaining system in your body to stay alive.
Taking on a Candida infection with a special diet is like bringing a water-gun to a battle-scene.
How About Anti-fungal Medications?
...there's also Anti-fungal Medications...
If your doctor has diagnosed Candida then he will probably offer you anti-fungal medications.

The problem with medications such as azole anti fungals is that they place a great deal of stress on the kidneys and liver.

The side effects include headaches and nausea and it's simply not practical to take these with any frequency as you will risk liver damage.
You have to get at the root of the problem...

Anti-fungal medications can be extremely stressful for your liver and kidneys.
There IS an easy, safe way that prevents the fungus from repairing it's chitin layer... and your immune system then simply wipes the fungus out!

The Solution Is To Weaken The
Chitin Layer, And Let Your Body
Naturally Get Rid Of The Fungus! 
Candida Cell Wall Suppressor (Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor)
After searching far and wide and doing a heap of research(believe me, I did my homework) I found that there really wasn't anything out there that dealt with the root of the problem with Candida fungus.
Thats when it became clear to me, that I had to formulate my own answer.
With the help of a brilliant friend and after a year and a half of work, we found something that was buried by the corrupt pharmaceutical industry... it's been used for years on mammals by veterinarians, and was extremely effective... we gave it a try, and the results were astonishing.
...There IS a way to rid yourself of the Candida fungus.
...It involves no special diet or restrictions through a diet, although a diet high in vegetables/anti-oxidants can help the body to fight off the fungus and die-off.
...It is completely safe on your liver and kidneys.
...It is a fraction of the price you would pay seeing doctors repeatedly and being on continual medication.
It's called Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor.
How It Works...
What Chitin synthesis inhibitor does, is it stops the Candida fungus from repairing its armour-like wall(chitin layer)

Normally, the Candida fungus has to constantly maintain and produce this wall to protect itself from your immune system, and the constant stress and pressure the fungus gets from being inside your body.
Chitin synthesis inhibitor prevents the Candida from doing this, the chitin layer begins to weaken, and your immune system begins to attack the fungus.
The fungus that previously was protecting itself from your immune system has now lost its armour and ready to be knocked out of your body!
Fungi, including Candida albicans, quickly die when there are holes in their cell walls, and that is what quickly happens when their Chitin production is stopped.
What happens is that. instead of producing a strong Ergosterol - Chitin cell wall matrix, the Candida produces a weak, “leaky” Ergosterol cell wall with holes where the Chitin should have been, quickly leading to catastrophic failure of its cell wall in multiple spots, causing its contents to run out, killing the Candida fungus.

In other words, the fungus “bleeds” to death, its protoplasm(its insides) simply escapes due to the intracellular pressure...

The Candida Fungus CANNOT
Survive After a Treatment With
Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor 

The treatment is taken over several weeks to allow for complete absorption.

Chitin synthesis inhibitor is an inert compound that works on Chitin only – no system in the human body uses chitin so it has zero affect on our vital systems.

The chitin synthesis inhibitor is absorbed into your fatty tissue and released slowly over several weeks.
This treatment is exceptionally unique because it crosses the blood-brain barrier, and can deal with Candida fungal infections inside the brain.

We all have a small level of this yeast in our bodies - it does not harm us as long as it stays at those small levels.
Chitin synthesis inhibitor is a compound that prevents the yeast from producing this layer of chitin to protect itself and without this protection your body can naturally attack and kill the fungus.
What makes this compound such a great solution to your Candida infection is that it is a totally inert chemical that has no effect on ANY of the human systems.

As humans have no body processes that involve the creation of chitin, then taking a chitin inhibitor will have no effect on the human body - it will however make the yeast vulnerable that’s infecting your system. 

The compound has been tested for many years on mammals and has shown consistently to have zero adverse effects, even when taken in massive dosages.
Chitin synthesis inhibitor really is the safest and easiest treatment that you will find for Candida albicans.
Is Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor
Really Safe To Take?

Yes, absolutely.
The chitin synthesis inhibitor will begin dissolving the protective coating of the fungus within the first few days of you taking the course.

Quite often at this point you will experience something called a healing crisis which is explained below.

This occurs in people who have extensive fungal infection throughout their bodies.

Once the healing crisis is over (usually in a few days) then you will feel more energy and better health than you have in a long time.
The Candida yeast protects itself from your own body’s defenses by producing the chitin layer around its cell walls. It is this chitin layer that makes it so difficult to kill the yeast without taking some very strong medications that put your liver and kidneys at risk.
There are other fungicides out there but this chitin synthesis inhibitor is the only one that is proven to be uniquely non toxic to humans! Humans do not produce chitin anywhere in their body. Taking this inhibitor will have the equivalent effect of taking flour or charcoal – zero effect on biological human functions – it will only affect the fungus.

What Is a Healing Crisis?
As we have said, chitin synthesis inhibitor is completely non toxic to humans and has no side effects at all.
That been said, many people who have a serious Candida infection do find that when they take the chitin synthesis inhibitor they find that they feel worse before they feel better.
This is completely normal and is known as a ‘healing crisis’ or a ‘Jarisch-Herxheimer’ reaction.

What is basically happening is that the chitin synthesis inhibitor is doing its job and destroying the chitin protection of the fungus. This means that your body now is able to attack the fungus and kill it.
This rapid killing off of the Candida means that toxins are released into the body which can make you feel a bit poorly.

This is only temporary as very quickly the treatment will have killed the majority of the fungus and within a few days of the die off reaction you will be feeling a LOT better than you did before!

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